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Activities for Visitors films

There are lots of activities you can get your visitors involved with. Take a look at these ideas.

Farm tractor

How tractors work

Of all the fascinating things to see on farm the one tool that is most likely to get the visitors talking is the tractor. Even farmers and operators love the detail in these marvellous machines.

Harvesting Interest

In Germany, Michael Zapf makes the most of the attraction of his asparagus harvest to show and share how he grows this fascinating crop. A network of cycle ways through his fields encourages local people to take to their bikes to see the work in the fields.

Oilseed rape – making it shine

Get visitors up close to oilseed rape to see and feel the crop’s characteristics. A marvellous mini field shows magic numbers of seeds sown and harvested from every square metre.

Sheep – showing their story

Looking at livestock can be interesting. Eliza Emmett uses lots of ways to help farm visitors to understand the story behind what they see on her family sheep farm. Comparing size of sheep shows their rapid growth, but comparing that with human growth really makes the point. Using a simple farming calendar helps to explain how […]

Soil is sensational

Making soils seriously interesting is fun for farmer David Jones. His farm visitors seek out soil life + try soil science with the amazing Sticky Gritty Test.