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Livestock films

Constant care, attention to every detail and the 24/7 responsibility for uncertain returns are all part of livestock farming. Your audience will be interested in these underlying stories if you can amaze them with your everyday tasks and why farm animals - and all the things they produce for us - are wonderful. Look at these farmers' films of how they explain their livestock farming.

Chickens, eggs and science

Eggs are a marvellously tasty food and good as an ingredient in so many things we like from cakes to mayo. So what are the ways that Farm Manager Beth Bennett uses to show the science and care that goes into keeping hens happy and productive at Anglia Free Range Eggs?

How to feed a dairy herd

How do you explain what is involved in feeding a dairy herd? The power of grass may be easy to see but the careful mix in the daily dairy ration is more complicated. In this ‘Farming is Magic’ short film, Ben Walker shows his method for making the mixing up of cow food amazing and memorable. Rather […]

Explaining the magic of dairy farming

Ben Walker loves to share the Magic of Farming, and in particular the process of milk production, to visitors to his dairy farm in Norfolk. By keeping the story of milk production simple and interesting, visitors can learn a lot when they visit Ben’s farm. He has a quick and memorable demonstration of the amount of milk […]

Sheep – showing their story

Looking at livestock can be interesting. Eliza Emmett uses lots of ways to help farm visitors to understand the story behind what they see on her family sheep farm. Comparing size of sheep shows their rapid growth, but comparing that with human growth really makes the point. Using a simple farming calendar helps to explain how […]