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field of Oil seed rape

There is not just one way to show that Farming is Magic, there are hundreds. So go on, watch the films and then share the magic of farming

The feel of a meadow, the smell of a sheep, the story of wheat: whatever the farm experience a few moments of learning can last a lifetime. Every visit, every farm walk, every question answered is a fantastic opportunity. That’s why it’s such a shame if farmers and others working in agriculture and food production don’t make the very most of it to show that Farming is Magic.

Being boring, hard to hear or muddling along telling people what you think they ought to know is not an option. The opportunities to show and share are huge.  More schools, clubs, organisations and families than ever are showing interest in finding out where and how food from British farms is produced.

David Jones, farm manager with Morley Farms and Susie Emmett, creative director of  Green Shoots Productions were saying just these things. The question they asked each other was “how can we inspire farmers and others to do the job well?”. Their answer was through films – lots of them under the banner of Farming is Magic.

We’ve made lots of short, quirky films with real hosts showing how they show that Farming is Magic. It’s great that we have the financial support of two marvellous East Anglian farming trusts: the Felix Cobbold Agricultural Trust and the Morley Foundation.

We’re not telling you there’s one way to do it. There are hundreds of ways.

So go on – watch the Farming is Magic Films. Show that Farming is Magic!