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Shortlisted for a national award: that’s magic for us

We’ve had some great news. Farming is Magic is shortlisted for an award. The Bayer Face Awards 2017 will be judged over the summer months.  Across the UK they will visit those that lead the field in hosting, explaining, connecting, inspiring and engaging.

Explaining the wonders of earthworms

Explaining earthworms and the wonders of what they do below ground is easy. With some top worm facts and a spadeful of soil you can amaze your audience with the work these creatures do.

Vintage lorries have new purpose telling modern farming story.

Tell the farming story with toys

Props help share the farming story. But at Farming is Magic we see that telling the farming story with toys can take your visitors’ understanding to the next level.

How to explain tractors and their tools

Tractors are icons of farming. When did you last see, meet or hear a farmer without a tractor close at hand? Sharing what they do and how is easy and fascinating for your audience.

How insects help farmers

Explaining how insects help farmers is important to Cornerways Nursery. Visitors to the 18 hectares of tomato houses are amazed to learn how the bumble bees are essential to the business. Focus on fascinating detail not big facts When Matt Ware and Andrew Mackay host visits to the nursery they choose to  focus on the detail […]

Learning through hands on science about food and farming

Learn farm science through lunch

Research into an arable crop may not sound that interesting for a group of children. But add a little of the sweet end-product to raw chocolate and suddenly you’ve the attention of a class of young children – and their teachers – and the makings of a great way to learn farm science through lunch. Ches Broom shares how British […]

Andrew Francis Elveden Farms

Using props to explain farming

Using props to share the farming story is a wonderful way to amaze your audience. Andrew Francis shares the props he uses to explain Wise Water Use: why and how he irrigates his crops.

Farming is Magic on Tour: February 2015

Following on from the success of the December Farming is Magic on tour events, we are pleased to announce that the next session is now planned. It’s February 2015 and we are inviting you to take the time to add a little sparkle to the way you talk about farming. With backing from The Morley Agricultural […]