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Explaining farming: one square metre at a time

It’s always good to hear how people are inspired by our Farming is Magic film collection. Here is the story of one of the recent examples. It shows we’re helping to shape better explaining and understanding of farming – one square metre at a time.

Conference call

Sense the scene: the conference space of the Newmarket Rowley Mile Race Course, full of delegates gathered for the Sentry Farming Conference 2017 . It was chaired by farmer Ian Pigott, who features in the Farming is Magic film Cooking up a Connection between Farming and Food. The line up for the day included a range of speakers on the theme “Farming for the future, post Brexit”.

But whilst overall attention was second guessing in future, over lunch the attention and conversation was on more practical concerns.

David Jones showing Farming is Magic one square metre at a time

David Jones showing Farming is Magic one square metre at a time

I need a square metre and I want it now

Around the lunch table, Morley Farms manager David Jones, who features in several of our Farming is Magic films, was recognised by the man seated next to him as ‘the farmer with the square metre’. Next the story unfolded. The storyteller – a business consultant with Bidwells – related how he arrived back home one evening. He was greeted by his wife with an unusual request. She wanted a wooden square metre – and fast.

Apparently she had a educational visit arriving the very next day. She had been watching the Farming is Magic film collection for some ideas and inspiration.  Using a square metre made sense. The husband duly made one up – and, we are pleased to hear, it was used with great success.

Leading from the front line

Farmers and farming needs inspiration. The Sentry Conference audience enjoyed hearing from author James Kerr about his international bestseller, Legacy. It reveals fifteen leadership lessons from the All Blacks, the world’s most successful sporting team. Who would not want to know how they manage to stay at the top of their game?

When it comes to explaining farming we feel we have a black and white case for what works in our field:  show the magic in producing food and doing it one square metre at a time is a very good place to begin.