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Tell the farming story with toys

Props aplenty help share the farming story. If you tell the farming story with toys you can take your visitor’s understanding to the next level. This is especially true when it comes to revealing the great grain story from farm to factory to the food we eat.

Scaling down to tell the farming story with toys

toy bulk carrier

A toy bulk carrier helps tell the story of where the grain goes and how.

Not many of us are ever likely to see a sea-going bulk grain carrier. But many of the the crops we see growing in farmers’ fields see the insides of these giants of the oceans. You can mention these ships in the grain story. But with a model ship to show you can do more.  You can sprinkle in the facts about the ship’s length, depth and long sea journeys.

Overland adventure

model grain lorry

Model grain lorry can show grain on the move from farm to buyer.

Lorries in the lanes, rumbling along roads or making headway up the motorways may be a familiar sight. Having a toy scale-model of a grain wagon in your hand helps to show the steps in the grain chain. It also makes sense of the traffic we see in and around the countryside.

Here and now and in future

The toy props – and the tale you build around them – are building understanding and committing that to memory. Do it well and that knowledge, experience and memory will be re-lived.

At some point in the future the sight of a tractor with trailer at harvest time, or a loaded lorry may prompt the thought that it may contain grain from a farm. This connection will have been made by you showing the team work – illustrated with toy tractor and trailer, to lorry and beyond.

Map happy

Where does my grain go - David Jones explains

There are toys amongst the prop collection that David Jones uses in the Farming is Magic film ‘Where does my grain go?’.

Journeys, especially long ones, are best shown with maps. A tough wall map is good for use in, or beside, a field. A robust one will weather any less-than-ideal weather. It will also stand up well to be used perhaps in group activities to trace food journeys – whether imports or exports – by sticking coloured threads from source to destination: geography come alive.

Toys are us as farmers

Toys alone are not enough. The mix of real and toy, actual and model, serious and fun is the recipe to getting the Farming is Magic story across easily and memorably.