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Cooking Up a Connection between Farming and Food

For farmer Ian Pigott there is one winning way to connect people to farming: the taste of food.

Young visitors on school trips to Ian Pigott’s farm in Hertfordshire get a real taste of farming at his Farmschool. It starts at the field edge and continues all the way into into the Farmschool kitchen.

In Ian’s Farming is Magic film Cooking Up a Connection between Farming and Food he shows all the different techniques he uses to make the connection between the crops he and other farmers grow and the food that we enjoy eating.

When hosting a visit, at the very least the foods from farms need to be mentioned. Better still they need to be shown. But more than that, Ian feels it’s essential to go that extra step and get your audience’s tastebuds tingling.

So pick up your apron, get together some ingredients made from crops grown in the countryside and get cooking.

As you cook the story of farming for food unfolds.

For more from Ian, his farming and Farmschool follow @ian_pigott on Twitter.

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