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Wonder of Worms

Worms do lots of wonderful things for the soil and for farmers. Hazel Fielding, from NIAB TAG research, has loads of top worm facts that she would like farmers and others to share.

In her Farming is Magic film she shows how she uses lots of props and activities to encourage us to get digging and get delving into the story of earthworms and their life below ground.

There are 27 different types of earthworms to look for in the UK. It’s what they do that really counts. Do you know how much a worm eats in a day? Why what it produces is so valuable to farmers? How strong a worm is? Or why it’s burrow matters? There’s a whole other world beneath the soil surface so watch Hazel to find out more.

ID your worms

If you want to identify a worm you can download the ID chart mentioned in the film from the Open Air Laboratories Explore Nature website.

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