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How tractors work

Of all the fascinating things to see on farm the one tool that is most likely to get the visitors talking is the tractor. Even farmers and operators love the detail in these marvellous machines. The challenge is to cleverly and creatively explain why the tractor is like it is and how tractors work.

At Lawn Hall Farm, Andrew Cook brings one of his largest tractors out of the barn or off the field so people can get close up to see the detail. By talking about where tractors work, day and night and the different jobs the machine does and relating that to different parts of the tractor itself then the anatomy of a tractor starts to make sense.

Hearing such a good tractor tale means that when this machine is seen in the countryside its purpose is understood. Whatever the time of year and whatever implement or trailer it is towing behind, whether in a field or on the roads going to and from the farm buildings – the sight of a tractor will give a tingle of excitement and the reminder of the moment when the magic of farm machinery was explained.

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