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Farming is Magic with Beneficial Insects

It’s a farming fact that a crop will come under attack from pests. That’s why it’s important to share why and how farmers protect their crops from damage.

Farmer Joe Rolfe, General Manager for Taylorgrown vegetable producers, loves to show how he uses beneficial insects to fight off his insect enemies.

In Joe’s Farming is Magic with Beneficial Insects film, he shows how he uses great props and activities to involve visitors to his carrot fields. This helps them appreciate the power of the pests that are a problem, especially aphids.

Joe also has some clever techniques to introduce his beneficial insect friends and explain how he makes life easy for them to get established in amongst his crops.

It’s biology. It’s ecology. Most of all it’s an engaging and action-packed exploration and revelation of commercial farming with nature to produce delicious fresh vegetables.

For more from Joe and his fields of vegetables follow @rolfejoe on Twitter.


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