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Farming is Magic Films

Wonder of Worms

Worms do lots of wonderful things for the soil and for farmers. Hazel Fielding shares her top worm facts.

Farming is Magic with Beneficial Insects

It’s a farming fact that a crop will come under attack from pests. That’s why it’s important to share why and how farmers protect their crops from damage. Farmer Joe Rolfe, General Manager for Taylorgrown vegetable producers, loves to show how he uses beneficial insects to fight off his insect enemies.

world map helps explain the grain trade

Where does my grain go?

Grain goes on amazing journey from field to end user. In this film Norfolk Farm Manager David Jones shows how he explains every step in the journey his grain makes.

Farm tractor

How tractors work

Of all the fascinating things to see on farm the one tool that is most likely to get the visitors talking is the tractor. Even farmers and operators love the detail in these marvellous machines.

How insect workers help

In amongst the rows of tall tomato plants at Cornerways Nursery there are thousands of bumble bees hard at work. Matt Ware loves to explain how all these bumble bees are essential in producing 180 million tomatoes a year. He takes visitors between the rows of tomato plants to see where his insect workers live […]

Harvesting Interest

In Germany, Michael Zapf makes the most of the attraction of his asparagus harvest to show and share how he grows this fascinating crop. A network of cycle ways through his fields encourages local people to take to their bikes to see the work in the fields.

Chickens, eggs and science

Eggs are a marvellously tasty food and good as an ingredient in so many things we like from cakes to mayo. So what are the ways that Farm Manager Beth Bennett uses to show the science and care that goes into keeping hens happy and productive at Anglia Free Range Eggs?

Andrew Francis Elveden Farms

Wise Water Use – Explaining irrigation

Water is precious. So when people see water being given to crops they may wonder whether the farmer is using the water wisely. Andrew Francis, from Elveden Farms, believes it is very important to show why and how he uses water very, very carefully on his crops.

How research has increased wheat yields

Agricultural research has a long history. How can you show what a difference it has made to yields of a crop such as wheat? Two young people, Evie and Sam Jones, decided to help their farm manager father, David Jones, to show how yields of wheat have increased thanks to over a century of agricultural […]