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Shortlisted for a national award: that’s magic for us

We’ve had some great news. Farming is Magic is shortlisted for an award. The Bayer Face Awards 2017 will be judged over the summer months.  Across the UK they will visit those that lead the field in hosting, explaining, connecting, inspiring and engaging. It’s great to know that our film collection is seen as a part of all that.

Investing time and energy to inspire the next generation

According to the organisers ‘Farmers across the country make an outstanding contribution to helping children learn about food, farming and the natural environment, and these awards are designed to recognise and celebrate those individuals who dedicate their time and energy to this cause.”

Why film is so powerful

When we started several years ago we could see that the popularity of film to share ideas would grow and grow. Why film? Because humans can process the moving image 60,000 times faster than we can process the written word. We can interpret expressions and movements way quicker than we get the meaning of words. We are wired that way.

Every professional featured in our films is, in their own way, a great communicator. They may have been shy to show it but with presentation tips, a whole load of props to hand and a great story to tell, they are away and the memorable messages come thick and fast.

Counting on audiences

The number views of  Farming is Magic films is growing fast. As word spreads and our advocates share the links the audience grows and grows. First in the lead was the Wonder of Wheat with David Jones but that was soon overtaken by a tractor (no pun intended) and How Tractors Work with Essex farmer Andrew Cook. But strutting way ahead are the chickens and Beth Bennett with her film Chicken and Eggs . Poultry may have overtaken every other farm animal  to provide more protein to consumers worldwide than any other however it’s the free range egg production story in Beth’s film that’s so fascinating to so many.

Watch that screen

It could perhaps be the case that Farming is Magic is becoming a star of very small handheld or desktop screens. We continue to hear anecdotes of people finding, watching and copying tips and techniques from the films. That’s great. In fact that’s what we do it for: to help those to showing and sharing the farming story to do it better – and even better still. Come September and the results in the national awards our fingers will be crossed, of course. But to be singled out amongst so many good people, great businesses and wonderful initiatives in the Bayer Face Awards 2017 is almost wonderful enough.