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Connecting farming a field to feeding a family

David Jones, Manager of Morley Farms

David Jones, Morley Farms Manager, uses props such as the square metre field to make the connection between farming and everyday foods

“Often when people think about visiting a farm they expect to see chickens, lambs, piglets etc. Many farms – including mine – don’t have any of those but have large fields of wheat, oilseed rape and barley. When I started hosting farm visits I wondered how I could make my farm interesting to my guests.

Connecting everyday foods to the fields of farmers

Connecting everyday foods to the fields of farmers

If a group of farmers come to this farm it is easy to talk about tonnes of wheat, hectares, fungicides etc. With other groups it is good to talk about farming on a smaller scale that we can all identify with. This is why a square metre works.

Growing 300 plants in square metre that produces 1kg of wheat, or a large loaf of bread or three big boxes of breakfast cereal is easy to follow. I see peoples’ faces light up as they realise what it is all about and that crops from their county are in the products in their cupboards.

With many groups I ask “If I sow seeds in September and then harvest the crop in August then how many months is it growing for?”. The point they get is that it takes a long time – and a lot of work – to grow the crop.”