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Number crunching to breakfast munching

Connecting a farmed field to a favourite food is a brilliant thing to do. Phil Jarvis, a farmer who works for the Allerton Project in Leicestershire, wanted to make a link between his crop and the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

Using a square metre or a mini field Phil did some serious number crunching and reveals his figures in a short film made in one of his wheat fields.

Number crunching for breakfast munching

Phil has calculated that in each mini field or square metre of planted wheat it takes 300 days, 1250 hours of sunshine, 109 buckets of water and the wheat plants’ 27,000 metres of roots to produce a kilo of wheat or 20,000 grains – which is enough to make 28 breakfasts.

To sum up (no pun intended) what works so well is that he has the numbers and the story-telling to help visitors to the farm make the connection between the field and the foods they enjoy.

Follow on from fantastic numbers

A film of a good idea can be the start. To go with this Kellogg’s breakfast minifield there is also a downloadable poster with questions to quiz the visitors about the key fascinating facts they’ve heard and seen.

Now that’s magic.