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Eliza Emmett, host for visit to sheep farm

Eliza Emmett helps with visits to her family’s sheep farm and, with lots of activities on offer, finds the children notice and remember lots and lots about livestock keeping.

“Three fat envelopes arrived in the post. We knew the school children from a local urban area had enjoyed their visit but from their cards and letters we were able to see exactly which bits of the visit were most memorable to them by what they wrote, drew and said when they were back in class.

Class work after farm visit reveals what's been learned

Class work after farm visit reveals what’s been learned

The cards showed that they remembered loads of detail about the sheep and the tasks of the day. They had spent ages watching shearing – far longer than we expected – but inviting them two and three at a time to ‘join in’ the work and help with, for example, rolling the wool and putting it in the wool sacks obviously made a great impression.

In class they were using farming terms. They knew what farm work had been going on and why. They had even made a play corner in the classroom where the children could put on farmer caps and carry a crook and look after toy lambs. The form teacher is brilliant. She has done everything she can to help the children learn. It’s great to help her share the magic of farming with children who she says have rarely been off their housing estate let alone to a farm in the countryside.”